Compelling Headline and Sub Headline

Let your visitor know they are in the right spot. Call them out directly with your wording or indirectly with the visuals that you use.


Clear and Concise

Make sure your landing page has one message and one offer. Restrain yourself from using jargon or ambiguous language.

 Hero Shot

Find a photo that represents the offer in some way. Don’t overthink it you can still have a dynamite landing page without any images.


Clear Call to action (above the fold)

What do you want the visitor to do as a result of reading your landing page. DO you want their name and email to follow up with them about services? Do you want them to follow you on Instagram? Pick which outcome you’d like and make it known.


Custom Button Text

Use specific language for the button text a simple “submit” just won’t do.


Contrasting Button Color

Make sure the button for your call to action pops.

Limited Form Field

Don’t ask for info you don’t need. If you’re planning on following up via email ask for email. If you will call them ask for their phone number.


Visible Privacy Policy and TOS

TOS and privacy policies are required to advertise on most major platforms (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc)  and having a privacy policy and TOS is generally a good idea.

Brand Consistency / Source Congruency

Make sure your branding is consistent.